South African Tourists Arrive!

News UPDATE.  The South African tourist arrived this morning, May 4th as they do almost invariably on this exact date each year.

That’s right (and only slightly off-topic) the house martins are here.

House Martins, our Harbingers of May Time

The House Martins and their off-spring will be with us until the second week of September here in the Ribble Valley. 

The next day or so will be a time of intense nest repairs for the adults and lots of practice home building and test landing by last year’s fledglings.

"This looks a good spot and not too much work - we don't want to miss the cricket."

The sooner the domestics are done the sooner they and their cousins the swifts and swallows can start gracing our cricket fields with their low-level flying displays.

Ornithologists think house martins, swifts and swallows are catching small insects on the wing, but cricket lovers know otherwise.  They too can’t resist enjoying cricket played on our beautiful grounds.

Third Man considers that they were the first South Africans to seek a residential qualification.



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3 responses to “South African Tourists Arrive!

  1. backwatersman

    Trent Bridge the best first class ground for house martins, in my experience. Plenty of peewits at Grace Road, though.

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