Challenging Cricket

Ever since the enthusiasts of Itchen Abbas, looking round them for some opponents, sent out an invitation to those from Slindon to meet them literally ‘half way’ on the perfect natural wicket at Broadhalfpenny Down,  Hambledon, the challenge has lain at the heart of cricket.

Yesterday, in a time honoured tradition, the final year pupils of Stonyhurst College, known in Roman fashion as the Rhetoricians sent out their challenge written in Latin to the ten year olds of the Hodder Playroom, the Hoddericians, who valiantly replied again in Latin accepting the challenge and inviting their opponents to meet them on their awesome ground at St Mary’s Hall, watched over by Pendle Hill.

“Stuff and nonsense,” the Modernists cry.

But Post-Modernists may sagely nod approvingly.

Upholding another tradition, Hodder toppled their foe by a single run.



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5 responses to “Challenging Cricket

  1. backwatersman

    Now that is a view. I’m nodding approvingly.

    • BWM
      Once met a rugby referee who remembers abandoning a match played on this very same field because of a danger to the young teams from ‘exposure’. But on one of the few calm days of the year it is a special place on which to play small cricket.

  2. Zaheer Abbas, Itchen Abbas … Where will it end?

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