Morning Mist Greets Bangladeshis

Under cover of a thick morning mist and to the eventual consternation of the security team, Third Man used the secret tunnel entrance into Old Trafford today to welcome the visiting Bangladesh team.

The Big Red One gazes down on the Bangladeshi visitors

There they were  huddling against the cold damp air that was so sweet for cotton manufacturing and little else.  A crane stands by to whisk them back to the dressing room balcony.

Eventually it was decided to run off any morning stiffness in case the sun should shine later in the day.

It could be camera shake, but it is in fact mist that is obscuring the view.

Did the sun shine later?

Did Third Man find another way into the ground dressed perhaps as a crane driver?

Watch for UPDATES …


The sun broke through towards midday.  Bangladesh spent a half hour playing their shot a ball cricket in the nets, making way for England to have a couple of hours of diligent practice there in the afternoon.  

Prior danced down the track to this 16 year old Lancastrian off-spinner who later knocked back Morgan’s middle pole.

Prior warning for Bangladesh?

England openers Cook and Strauss batted side by side towards the end of the net session.

Cooking on Gas, Strauss on Stress

 The high visibility jacket and hard hat worked wonders for Third Man.  Tomorrow is another day.

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