A Full House of Off-Spinners

From the top left and clockwise David Allen, Ray Illingworth, Jim Laker and Fred Titmus demonstrate that the follow through is just as important for spin bowlers as it is for the pacemen. 

Sadly Third Man can not find a photograph of John Mortimore at a similar stage of the action.  Any help anyone?

Fred Titmus received his first cap in 1955 but after disappointing the selectors had to wait until 1962 for his Test career to come to fruition which offers an interesting parallel with Graeme Swann.

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One response to “A Full House of Off-Spinners

  1. diogenes_1960

    wow…Titmus really seems to be giving it some welly. Allen was supposed to be the biggest turner of the ball – I guess he spun to square leg whilst Titmus spun to fine leg and got that drift. Illy seems to be keeping something in reserve….I remember him managing to keep Sobers and Lloyd quiet at Edgbaston on the Rest of the World tour of 1970 when everyone else was getting clobbered. That RoW team was seriously good…and Sobers was back in magisterial form with both bat and ball. Why that is not test cricket when the recent series against Bangladesh is is a a travesty. To score runs against Sobers, Proctor, Pollock, Gibbs, Barlow, Intikhab and Mushtaq required a certain amount of skill.

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