Getting to the Point

Is this the best view in cricket?  Officials at Lancashire County Cricket Club hope so.  It is the view from the balcony of The Point or The Big Red One as Third Man more familiarly calls it.

Officially there were 1,000 special guests enjoying this view at its opening last Sunday during the England v Australia ODI, but if truth be known there were 1,001.

No matter how vigilant security is, there is always a ‘worm hole’ for Third Man’s trusty Time Machine to exploit.  As any fule kno Time and Space are One.

Inside the scene was pretty much standard hospitality fare with advice on prawn cocktails from Table 23 where Manchester United pitched camp for the day.

Who would think from the photograph above that one of the best 50 over matches England has ever played was taking place outside?

Finally, a view from the Walls of Troy:

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One response to “Getting to the Point

  1. backwatersman

    I hate to say this, but from the inside it looks remarkably similar to The Meet – the two storey Nissen hut at Grace Road, which is soon to be demolished. Can’t spot the second hand bookshop, though.

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