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Ashes Clash – Sleep, Perchance to Dream


A dramatic new front has opened up in the Battle for the Ashes – Twenty10. Third Man has received further exclusive film evidence from his hidden cameras sequestered in the England Camp’s mobile back office, Down Under.  (see below)

Doctor Gaynor Gain, the ECB’s consultant psychologist specialising in the field of Imaginative Anticipation has introduced new sleep routines for the side’s batsmen.

OK so there is nothing new in that.  Everyone knows that the Australians have been working on sleep patterns for a number of years now, following initial trials by the Kiwis, but, thanks to Doctor Gain, England are working on slow-wave sleep or SWS, to augment slow oscillations, spindles and ripples — at minimum cholinergic activity — to enhance the coordination of the re-activation and redistribution of hippocampus-dependent memories to neocortical sites.  

While the Australians remain wedded to developing REM content, England have pinned their hopes firmly to the SWS mast.

The coming series is set to see these two theories – REM-side and SWS-side or SWSline – battling it out for sporting supremacy. 

As ever, the Ashes are truly a Clash of Civilisations.

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