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Mister Cricket no Mystery Man

Yesterday England too often drove across the line at full deliveries and paid the price.  Today Mike Hussey showed the wiser alternative, playing straight and ‘shutting the door’ on the full delivery.  To anything short he attacked. 

Where he could,  he endeavoured to dictate the bowler’s length – pushing it back to a point where he could, pressing off the front foot, rock back to pull and cut. 

 Hussey played 11 pulls which brought him 40 runs.  What a ratio!

England batsmen and bowlers could learn from that simple game plan: batsmen defend on the front foot, attack on the back; bowlers, use line and field settings to tempt batsmen into attack off the front foot – as Siddle did yesterday.

It is always a pleasure to see an experienced professional rise to the challenge, apply that experience and demonstrate his temperament.

It must have been like that to watch ‘Patsy’ Hendren (top of the page), long ago – another Mister Cricket.


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