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More Beach Ball Please.

A Mexican wave can mean that the batting is dull, but when the home crowd gets out the beach balls while their team is in the field you know that they have surrendered.  This photograph must be plastered across the England dressing room by tomorrow morning.   A few beach balls patted into the Aussie dressing room would not go amiss either.

England lost the chance to win this Test (which they should have won) in the first innings.  Tooting Trumpet, over at 99.94, tells us that Andy Flower was away from the dressing room on that fateful first day.  Flower really is that important to England’s ability to become Lords of Time, and to improve thinking, plan well and truly believe.

His influence is inestimable in the battle to dominate time just as he was when batting himself – thinking, planning and executing those wonderful run chases.

But England must now bat Australia out of the series.  Not the match, you understand.  No, but right out of the series. To repeat the comment written here at this time yesterday: “On the matter of the Test in hand: there is a lot to be positive about.  There is little to fear in the Australian bowling.  England’s bowling is just about superior and more Australian batsmen have questions to answer than English ones.”

Australia must be made to endure another fruitless day in the field.  They must be made to know the full extent of their impotence.  Their selectors must be placed in the dilemma of having to decide whether or not to continue with this toothless bowling and beleaguered batsmen.  In short they must be panicked into change or panicked into stasis. 

England’s bowlers should be given a day in the shade to learn what it feels like to be in a side where the batsmen dominate the opposition. The batsmen must feel what it is like to score big and to treat the opposition as their net bowlers.

Simpson, both Chappells, AB, Taylor, Ponting did this to England when at a similar advantage.  

Now it is England’s turn.  It doesn’t come often – the winter must be relished.

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