Pietersen Wins Test with a Bouncer?

Yes, it is turning.  Yes, there are footholds to be exploited. Yes there are minor explosions as the ball rips through the top of the wicket sending Adelaide earth flying.

But most significant of all is the fact that this has been a bit of a Tennis Ball Bounce Wicket all along.  That is the reason why, weather permitting, England will win the second Ashes Test in less than 24 hours.

Matt Prior has been taking decent length deliveries from Swann at hip height or higher.

The last ball of the day from part-time-Pietersen rose steeply and was played by Clarke off his hip, onto his thigh pad and was still rising as it ballooned over Cook’s right shoulder before being snaffled in time by the backward diving short leg.

Nor was it a particularly ‘flighted’ ball that bounced like Third Man’s old friend the tennis ball.

The manner, the vicitim and the timing of the dismissal combined to make it a huge wicket in the context of this series.  But it begs the question, how would England have coped on this wicket if they had been batting against spinners of the quality of Harbhajan Singh and Mendis?  

It would have been a wonderful contest to watch, but Third Man’s money would have been on the spinners – spinners plural you note. 

And it would have been fascinating to see how much bounce Monty could have extracted from this pitch  had he had the chance to bowl today.


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