The Sage of Fitzwilliam

There is polite silence across the media about Geoffrey Boycott’s prediction , at 2343 hours GMT or 13 minutes into the 4th Test at Melbourne that, “I can’t see any way how England can win this Test from what I’ve seen so far.”

To which Jonathan Agnew replied, “But Geoffrey, they have only been playing for 12 minutes!” 

“But I know these things, Jonathan.  I am paid to know them.”

Actual result, England won by an innings and 157 runs.

“Close, oh Master, but no cigar.”



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8 responses to “The Sage of Fitzwilliam

  1. diogenes1960

    chuckles…I for one wish that they would take him off the air. He either states the blindingly obvious or rides a hobbyhorse for about 10 minutes, with a lot of repetition, until someone finally gets him to shut up. His insights are few and far between.

  2. It would be interesting to have the statistics on Boycott’s partnerships in Test matches – what was the average runs in a partnership in which he was involved? That looks like a good question for you Diogenes.

  3. I heard about this a few days back, someone had the clip on their blog.

    He was still on air when Tremlett got Watson and his backtracking was a poor effort as well. He tried as hard as he possibly could to put the wicket down to a mistake by Watson, offering very limited praise for the bowler.

    CMJ came on air just after and told him to keep saying it was a guarenteed draw, in the hope that everytime he said it a wicket would fall.

    Me thinks CMJ didn’t quite agree with him

  4. diogenes1960

    that is a really good question, 3rd man. My perception is that Boycott batted well with Edrich and, down the other end of the order, Knott but tended not to have regular partnerships with other folks. Eg either he did well or Amiss or Gooch or Luckhurst did well: they seldom did well as a partnership. I will go a-digging…. 🙂

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