Parking the Brougham

It is a hard life following the whims of the Squire.  One day it is ‘piloting’ a new machine that he believes can fly.  [Note the contrasting roles of the Squire firmly attached to the ground and Third Man in these experiments.]  Another it is accompanying his Grace to Goodwood House for a grudge match.

Today, he has taken it into his head to enjoy some cricket at the Parks.  Cook has been preparing the picnic all week.  The brougham has been oiled.  Maps consulted. 

The morning will see the culmination of something called the Cuppers Final, the afternoon a friendly between them young gentlemen of the Varsity and a side from nearby Brookes.  It is OUCC’s final preparation for their Twenty20 contest with their historic rivals.  

How times change. What would the Nawab make of it? 

He’d be very useful is the answer.

A report could follow, but not until Sunday.


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