Portraits of Impermanence – England v India Test 3 Scrap Book



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5 responses to “Portraits of Impermanence – England v India Test 3 Scrap Book

  1. John Halliwell

    J M W Turner run out (Third Man).

  2. diogenes

    a batting line up with Dravid , Tendulkar and Laxman compares with any in history – the 3 Ws ( excluding Stollmeyer, Sobers etc), Bradman/Hassett/Ponsford/Fingleton,+ a n other(usually Ryder or Woodful). Anderson should be up on the shelf alongside Maurice Tate – those pictures of him, the sweaty, honest endeavour – are surely equivalent to Anderson and his achievements in the last 18 months

    • A more than fair assessment. Truly outstanding. A fitting portrait must be found.
      TM recalls a wet day in the Lord’s Test against he thinks South Africa when he first saw the Burnley Boy in the indoor school, head down as he released the ball which then swung prodigiously, late but uncontrollably – anything slightly to the off of middle swung towards Third Man (the other one) and anything to the leg of middle vanished down the leg side – Dunc looking on trying to fathom how this wealth of talent could be harnessed.
      Bowling is the search for movement.
      As you suggest Diogenes, through Anderson the ideal of Tate may reveal itself like a shadow on a cave wall.

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