Testing Time

The interesting but frustrating thing about time travel is that the time traveller may glimpse the past but can only record the sensation using the technology of the age travelled to.

Thus, when earlier this year Third Man piloted the Squire in the Type III back to watch the cricket match featured above, they could only capture an admittedly obscure view of this West Indian team taking the field against the Australians.

Even so, it is a better view than “Buzz” Aldrin ever managed through the Eagle’s porthole of the Sea of Tranquillityand the visually imaginative should be able to identify 3 Ws, a Ramadhin and a Martindale.

When, where, why?

A clue … it was Festival Cricket.



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6 responses to “Testing Time

  1. backwatersman

    I give up – though I’ve a suspicion the 3 Ws aren’t the obvious ones, that the Martindale might be one of the younger generation, and that the Lancashire Leagues are involved somewhere. Do enlighten us …

  2. John Halliwell

    I reckon BWM is on to something. Are the teams made up of Australian and West Indies professionals from the Lancashire and Yorkshire leagues? Early/Mid 1950s. Scarborough?

  3. Close Gentlemen and small cigars to each of you. These *are* league professionals and the venue *is* ‘northern’ but it is not the Scarborough *Festival*. Another Festival much in mind this year?
    The venue may not be too far from you, John. The three Ws are there, it is Martindale who is out of time, as it were.
    The West Indians and Australians played four further (and no doubt more legitimate Tests) that year.
    ‘Strewth, the image is fadding fast.

  4. backwatersman

    Ah. Festival of Britain?

  5. John Halliwell

    So, it’s 1951. As BWM says: therefore a game to celebrate the Festival of Britain. West Indies did play four Tests in Australia that year; the fourth started on New Year’s Eve. ‘Fadding fast’ ? That seems more like a clue than a typing slip. Fadding is the middle section in a wood-working process. Was it played at Middleton CC? I’ve got a headache……

    • You all deserve to be put out of your misery: 6th May 1951, 2.30pm, An Australian XI v A West Indian XI at Moorside Road, Urmston, (Buses No 3, 5, 22, 23 etc pass near the Ground), Admission, Adults 2/-, Juniors under 15, 1/6, reserved seats 3/6, refreshments available on the ground.
      Australian players included Walmsley, Cockburn, Lambert, Dooland (East Lancs), Pepper (Burnley) Alley (Colne), Raymer (Accrington), Tribe (Rawtenstall).Pettiford, Fitzpattrick
      Windies: Weekes (Bacup), Walcott (Enfield), Holt (Haslingden), Marshall (Lowerhouse), Worrell (Radcliffe), Martindale, Ramadhin (Crompton?) Richards,

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