Two More from Kinsella

A couple of posts back, Third Man was able to express his glee at finding the long lost image of what he was to learn was ‘The Hope of His Side’, a painting by E.P. Kinsella depicting a young scamp enjoying cricket. 

Here are two more.  Above, the splendid ‘The Catch of the Season’ and below ‘Good Enough for His County’.

They were issued as postcards as well as small prints and must have found their way onto the doormats of many a young hopeful, just as King Edward VII took guard.



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27 responses to “Two More from Kinsella

  1. John Halliwell

    They are lovely. I’m struggling to learn about Kinsella; probably through mis-googling. I wonder who he used as model. His son? I’m struck by the consistency of the boy’s facial features – picture to picture – even that of a shattered world on the earlier post. And the stumps in the latest post are superbly captured (interesting to contrast the quality of them with those in the earlier post – it is as though Kinsella had concluded “I have to spend longer over them this time.” I can understand why you are so taken by these little gems, TM.

    • John, they are lovely.

      TM has been looking everywhere for the missing print of The Hope of His Side , lost during a move six years ago.
      There are two more in this series: The Boss and How’s That, and another which is landscape, Now or Never.

      The six ‘postcards’ were published by Langsdorff and Co, London in 1906. It looks as if the ‘boy’ was known as The Kinsella Kid. There are some others covering football.

      There seem few references to him on the internet, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. I really do not like the look of his action – it is too modern for my liking! 😉

  3. backwatersman

    If reproductions are of any interest, they sell them as greetings cards at Grace Road (with facsimile messages on the back), and they have had larger prints on sale there. Apparently they’re produced by The Antique Map & Print Gallery at April Cottage, Hallow WR2 6LS e-mail

    • Very helpful , thank you. I had ‘ The Boss’ figurine , I remember it all through childhood then it went missing . I’ve been trying to replace it for forty years !.

  4. It is with great pleasure to read the above message.
    Hopefully I will get hold of some of these little gems,especially the ones that are missing from my collection.
    We have 4 in of these prints in my family. My Great Grandfather bought them on a trip to London in 1924. They are in beautiful oak frames and have always intrigued me. We are unsure if he ever had the six in the set or whether he only purchased four.
    Opening Bat and Out First Ball are the ones we are looking for.
    On a recent trip to London I visited Lords and noticed they have Kinsella figures in the museum which was a thrill to see.
    New Zealand

  5. @Andrew Smith – interesting to hear that these figurines are at Lords – I believe there are a couple at the MCG as well. I have 2 of the figurines: Out First Ball and Hope of His Side. I would love to get the other figurines, so I know how you feel about the prints! I hope you find them one day.

  6. Sylvia

    We have 2 original prints, Hope of His Side and Out First Ball. They are in beautiful old oak frames and we bought them 42 years ago from a junk shop in Northumberland the week we were married. We have always loved them and they still have pride of place in our lounge.

  7. Mike Richards

    My parents had Hope of his Side and Out First Ball on the wall when I was a child. They now have pride of place in my brothers home. He is 88 years young and loves them

    • Mike, Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment with its treasured memory and its declaration that the ‘Hope of His Side’ Appreciation Society is still going from strength to strength.

      • jim

        hello i have just sold my cheaky boy cricketer hope of his side figurine and am allready missing him ,i picked him up from a charity shop a couple of years back and have learned more about him since selling him so keep looking you never know wished id kept him now.

  8. AndyB

    I bought the complete set of 6 in a nice frame at a car boot sale a few months back for £5……..I was chuffed to see the figures at Lords when I went to 40 over final a few weeks back…….and even more happy when I was told the full set of postcards in good condition usually fetch £50+. They’ll be on my landing wall for many years to come!

  9. Sounds like they have gone to a very good home, Andy. Thanks for making contact.

  10. Kate Kinsella

    The Kinsella Kid was my Dad, Peter Kinsella (known as Pat). But there is another Kinsella Kid, a girl who was Peter’s sister Mollie.
    Thrilled to read that there are some of the figurines at Lords. That is so exciting. I have 2 of them but would love to find some more….
    Kate Kinsella

    • Kate, how wonderful to hear from you. This is what makes blogging worthwhile. TM does hope you’ll find some to complete your set.

      Did your father play cricket? What was he like? There are some football paintings too, is that right.

      You can see from these posts and their comments that he retains a loyal fan base!

      • Kate Kinsella

        I am always astounded at how many people are ‘EP’ fans, especially in the postcard collecting fraternity. Apparently in the cricket world too. I was an avid collector going around the postcard fairs at one time and was always welcomed like royalty!! There was an article written about him in the Postcard Monthly magazine many moons ago with quite some insight into ‘E P’ the man.

        I was never privileged to see my Father play cricket but he went to public school, so I am guessing he must have when he was a boy. He was in his forties when I was born and never particularly sporty!

        There are sets of football and cycling pictures too, plus Mollie features in some tennis and diabalo pictures.

      • Can you recall which school and approximate year – Wisden may have a record if he managed to play in the 1st.

  11. Heather Thomas

    I work in the Lord’s Cricket Museum and found this site while researching Kinsella. I am currently cataloguing three of the postcards! This site has been more help than anything else I’ve found on the internet. I would be very grateful if anyone could send me a short biography of him for our records.

  12. Angela

    Hello, came across this whilst searching for my parents, they have what i think is an original print of The Hope of His Side, it’s about 30 x 50 cm I think, I don’t want to take it out of it’s frame, it’s not the original frame as that broke, my dad got it from his dad about 40 years ago and we’re not sure how long he had it for. They did have another one but unfortunately it got damaged, it was in the cellar for a long time but my mum re-framed it and it is now on the wall in their lounge. It is lovely to find out the history and inform them of it.

  13. All through my childhood we had a figurine of the ‘Boss ‘ umpire. It was lost or stolen when my Mother was widowed . I’ve been looking for one ever since , I loved the umpire and his enormous coat.

  14. I own figurine Hope of his side and Out first ball. Both have been living in my china cabinet for many years and are in excellent condition, lovely bright colours. Downsizing now and thought about selling them on eBay. Has anyone any idea of value.

    • Kate Kinsella

      Hi Mary – I would be interested in buying them for my collection. Could you email me photos?

      • Dave Gipp

        I have two sets of 6 kinsella figurines, and some spares , my intentions were to collect more as they are lovely figures. making up sets is difficult as finding unblemished figures is hard. its been great hearing all the stories and finding out more information. I have card sets and place mats and one of the footballer figures too.

  15. Hi, Im also interested in purchasing 🙂

  16. Dave Gipp, would you email me some pictures of what you have for sale? Would be very interested!

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