No Jonny No, Not That Shot Again


Time to travel back to here and here.



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5 responses to “No Jonny No, Not That Shot Again


    Apologies if I have flooded  you with comments.   One seemed called for. If you have had it twice,  that is once too many. 


    • growltiger

      Apparently the comment proper failed to arrive, even once. It was to the effect that Jonny is one of Nature’s recidivists, and his attempts to go straight (or play straight) tend to be short-lived. Nasser Hussain was to be seen demonstrating the straightness of the Bairstow blade. Then the off stump.

  2. growltiger

    It would appear not. It may be schadenfreude, but there is a pleasure in travelling back in time even a few months to the point when the future was so accurately foretold.

  3. Strange pic, then and remained when picked as reserve wicket keeper for an Ashes tour and/or mid order batsman.

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