Star Burst Log:22 11 13 – Test 1: Day 2


News Today: NASA scientists have detected a cosmic explosion and accompanying gamma-ray burst believed to be the brightest ever seen.

The explosion lasted for less than a session, but hurled radiation across the known cosmos.

Astronomer Professor Calculus said: “These events can happen in any galaxy at any time. We have no way to predict them.”

“The stars were previously living quite happily, fusing material in their core, knocking the ball around for ones and twos. And then ran out of fuel.”

“The core or middle order then collapsed into a black hole, while liberating a powerful jet of energy – the gamma-ray burst.”

“The resulting blast wave caused the rest of the stars to expand outwards, creating another dazzling event called a supernova.”

“We shall see the decaying light – the remnants of both events – for weeks or months afterwards,” said Prof Calculus.

The Squire has had his telescope trained on the event and can bring readers exclusive data including images (see below).

Up all night gazing into the heavens, His Grace marvelled, “The light may have taken 4 billion years to reach us, but it’s here and we have to deal with it.”

Even at 1 – 45 [in itself a truly cosmic coincidence of time and (England) score] the Squire postulated, “Are we seeing a struggle for 4th and 5th places in the NASA Fermi Ratings?”

The radiation burst is thought to have turned hype into substance. 

“It is the wonder of alchemy,” concluded His Grace.

Images follow:

The Brisbane Super Nova


Chart of England Collapse (82 – 2 start of over 31 as zero)


Brain Scan Jonathan Trott


Snapchat Whiteboard England Meeting Room ‘Just Before Midnight’


GM proposal for overnight dispatch of new BAT for Joe Root


More Unrequested “Watch the Ball” Advice from Old England


And finally, Of What Dreams Are Made




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