Taming Mitchell Johnson – Turin’s Secret Revealed


It is a small tragedy that there are no existent photographs of Alan Turing playing cricket – facing some demon fast bowler with aplomb.

Overnight, Third Man and the Squire, have made their way into the England team’s hotel  and left on the whiteboard in their meeting room Turing’s advice to batsmen:

“It is easy to show using standard theory that if a system starts in an eigenstate of some observable, and measurements are made of that observable N times a second, then, even if the state is not a stationary one, the probability that the system will be in the same state after, say, one second, tends to one as N tends to infinity; that is, that continual observations will prevent motion …”

To Third Man’s way of looking at the world it’s a perfect expression of that old dictum: “Watch the Ball”.

But the Squire insists: Expect the Ball.

See also The vanishing Cricket Ball Illusion – Seeing into the Future and Wire the Brain for Batting Gain



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