Sydney Rollers

On the second morning of the final Test, Nasser Hussain nearly met an untimely fate under a Sidney Roller. Here’ some background on the Machine in question

Down At Third Man

If you type Sydney Rollers into a search engine you may well be directed to the City’s Roller Derby League, the organisation of a ‘full contact women’s team sport striving for empowerment, athleticism and, above all, fun’ made popular in the Chicago of the Nineteen Thirties and seemingly enjoying a revival in Sidney over the last few years.

Do not be diverted, but press on until you find mention of the SCG’s historic rollers.

The first is Boxer’s Roller. This sandstone roller was used to prepare the Sydney wickets as early as 1901 and was therefore in operation at around the time the photograph below was taken in the ‘Noughties. The roller was drawn by a horse named “Boxer” who wore special shoes to avoid damaging the pitch.

The Barford & Perkins roller pictured at the top of the page and again here replaced Boxer’s roller.  It has been restored by…

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