Do not give way to pride

Just when should it have been obvious England were in trouble? Second week of July 2013 Grendel barges in on their feast

Down At Third Man


In Seamus Heaney’s introduction to his translation of the epic Beowulf, the Ulsterman justifies his interpretation of the opening word of the poem, Hwæt, as Sorather than the conventional “Hark”, “Low” or “What!”  He explains that in the speech of his relatives  So “operates as an expression which obliterates all previous discourse and narrative, and at the same time functions as an exclamation calling for immediate attention.”

So. The first day’s play in this Ashes 2013 series obliterated all previous narrative and discourse, of which there had been oceans as wide as the whale-road between Denmark and Sweden. It demanded our immediate ATTENTION.

Cricket centres on the extinction of human resources. By its very nature it has the capacity to induce shock – a feature of the game that can so easily be forgotten when, as today, batsmen like Trott and Root appear to be…

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