Pietersen’s Ashes: Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.


The view inside KP’s head (and others ??) on arrival at Perth 25th October 2013:

1. Trott mentally unfit to travel.

2. Cook’s issues outside off-stump unresolved.

3. Compton not there and not there because of a Flower tactical & cultural decision, not performance.

4. Carberry an unknown qty in Australia & at Test level.

5 Prior in difficulties.

6 No acceptable reserve keeper of Test standard).

7. Bairstow known technical batting issues against pace and bounce.

8. No Morgan.

9. Bopara Test cricket ????

10 Tremlett, Surrey Team mate, lack of pace obvious to KP (and others?).

11. Rankin  and Finn – he (and others) are batting each day against them.

11a) UPDATE While Onions was left behind. (HT Ross Whelpdale)

12. Swann, no dip, no drift, no turn. Essentially, gone as of the Oval.

13 Panesar

14 Broad injury questions.

15 Worried about effect of burden on Anderson.

16 Vice Captain, Prior, see 5 above

17 Cook’s tactical rigidity.

18 Flower’s grinding strategy exposed in summer.

19. Gooch’s brooding presence.

20.  KP not part of the think tank – fielding in the deep.

21. General air of authority and intransigence.

22. Root needs development time at 6 (coming in after Pietersen).

23. Bell best at 5 (ditto after Pietersen).

Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.


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One response to “Pietersen’s Ashes: Damned if he did, damned if he didn’t.

  1. growltiger

    Yes. Pretty hard for a thoughtful team member to assimilate. But when I go out to bat with two short mid-wickets, why does this list of 23 unsatisfactory items lead me to try my luck with the flamingo? Or to try clearing long-on for the second time? Particularly if (as frankly seems to me too often to be the case) I have been reminded to try and play the game situation as well as the ball.

    What I say, like my friend from the Delhi Daredevils who used to open for India, is “See ball, hit ball”, which works for me on average most of the time. That’s just the way I play, see.

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