ECB join ICC in Trashing Their Brands


Today, Twitter had some difficult news to manage: slowing growth. Everything was published openly and on Twitter – Twitter know how to use Twitter (small shock). Financial pundits are saying it will set the standard for openness and transparency in the business world for years to come.

Hey ECB – you think of yourself as a business, so …

The ECB tweeted a link to their Pietersen statement and then turned their powers of communication onto the Lions in Sri Lanka. They have over a quarter of a million followers most of whom ‘demand to know’ … well almost everything, but certainly the reasons why an exciting ingredient in their ‘offer’ is being shelved.

Here is Third Man’s message to the ECB (and to ICC for that matter).  “Everything is now social.” Well, it always was, but now there are platforms and connectivity that transform every event into a CONSUMER EVENT.

It is no longer enough to see cricket news as something to be managed through the good offices of sports news editors and writers. Bloggers and Tweeters and new websites have as much if not in some cases more influence, and a greater impact on the behaviour of the game’s following.

It has been, with a couple of honourable exceptions, the alternative voices that have challenged the ECB and endeavoured to hold its leadership to account, with very little help from the paid media which are generally too dependent on the scraps from the table to challenge the Establishment.

Last week it was the ICC, this week it is the ECB that has done more to destroy its brand value than Perrier did during its flirtation with benzene.

The appointment of a new selector next week & following that the new director of cricket are chances to try a new, open, transparent and accountable process that respects and honours the ‘consumer’.

If you insist on being ‘all business’, then, start being business like.



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3 responses to “ECB join ICC in Trashing Their Brands

  1. Yes, yes, yes… but: I can’t shake something Harsha Bogle said in a Cricket Couch interview. It was something along the lines of: “You and your cricket nerd friends are a tiny minority.” Although we are the most engaged, we are marginal to their business. Our tweeting and blogging can be ignored by the Boards.

  2. TM, on the whole I preferred Brian Carpenter’s account of Cook back on the farm
    I think (I hope) someone at the ECB has a sense of humour and is playing on the connections between the superficiality of Cook’s contributions and the act of having make-up applied.

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