John Arlott: “Trying to take it in through the eyes and get it out through the lips”

John Arlott loved cricketers – and he loved liberty: everything stemmed from those two loves.

Down At Third Man

Action this Day.

The above link will self-destruct at 9:02 PM Sat, 14 Jan 2012.  It is available on BBC I-Player and was broadcast on the 7th January. 

The Squire considers that there are only two types of person in this world: plumbers and poets.  In these days of punditry, those who are paid to comment on (TM almost wrote ‘to describe’ but quickly saw his error) the game of cricket are all plumbers, and proud of that. 

Arlott was a poet, a campaigner, a liberal and a stranger to pride.

At a reception given by the BBC to mark the beginning of JA’s last season, he told a story against himself and his relationship to cricket and cricketers, by referring to Oscar Wilde’s short story Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime, in which Lady Windermere’s pet cheiromantist, Mr Podgers, reading Lady Fermor’s palm, told her “right out before every one…

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