The England Captain and the Sub Editor’s Choice

Cook Not There
This must be as quick as a Mitchell Johnson handshake. The Squire needs the time machine to get to a match at Sevenoaks later today and there’s a couple of hundred tricky years to cover in difficult atmospheric conditions.

But TM has just seen this piece by Pietersen (does he have a point after all?) In the Telegraph.

In a piece in which the Maestro calls for Cook to seek emergency batting surgery, the sub-editor chooses a picture (above) that reveals everything Cook needs to know.

In the net, the England Captain, has edged another one. His head is a foot or two back from where it should be, a position that would be vertically above the point of impact, and the weight is back too. This was almost exactly the position which caused his dismissal in the second innings at Lord’s. He’s a yard off the pace and literally ‘on his heel’.

“Where’s Gooch,” yells the Squire, impatiently, “Get me GG’s number and get me to Chevening by 10.00. Oh and see if you can book Cook in with that sub-editor for a couple of hours. He seems to know a lot more about the game than the staff.”


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