Warner Burns Zeus

The Diffuse Glow of Davy Warner

The casual reader stumbling on this site over the last few days might have been perplexed to find a solitary image of Davy Warner with no text to support it.

Some may have thought, ‘yep, I get that’; might have picked up on the strength, the reinforcement, of his grill and perhaps recalled an earlier piece on Warner and post traumatic stress; others may have guessed correctly that this is a very busy time for Third Man, sweeping the ocean of leaves that fall in the Great Park.

The Squire woke Third Man early on Saturday morning (07.11.15). “Wake up TM. You must see this. Burns has his ton and Davy is chasing his second in the match, but Zeus is determined he shall not have it. There are thunderbolts and lightning flashes landing all around the Gabba and the umps are ready to take the players off the field.”

So, there you have it. No mortal can get him out and even Almighty Zeus is being defied. Like a Titan possessed, Warner achieved, for the third time, a century in each innings of a Test match.

Worth a special celebration:

Warner celebrates third 'century in both innings'

The God of Headline Writers was on hand to ensure that Joe Burns was at t’other end.

Meanwhile back to the leaves.


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One response to “Warner Burns Zeus

  1. Nice!! The God of Headline Writers really did come out in full support…. 🙂

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