Watching Kohli Drive


Here’s Kohli from yesterday. The hands will do what Buttler’s hands do. There’s the ‘L’ shape that produces the ‘lag’.  The hands travel across his body // to the ground as the sequence continues.


and then …


the ball has reached the point below the hands, but there’s still plenty of room for the lag to unwind, creating tremendous bat speed. Hands still at the same height as the first image – ‘low’ relative to the ball – a shallow angle of attack.

And here’s almost the moment of contact …


Hands in front of the ball. Still some lag to be unwound. And the shallow angle of attack.

There are many similarities here with a Jordan Spieth drive.





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2 responses to “Watching Kohli Drive

  1. Hi – I am trying to follow up on an old post of yours – as below – as I am writing about sand bank cricket. Do you recall the source of the 1740s story, I would like to access it. many thanks – Phil:

    Although the Squire took a motley crew there in The Bolivar to play a game for a wager in the Seventeen Forties…

  2. Good to hear from you Philip. TM will be in touch with you via email, if he may.Now that he is over 250 years of age, things are a bit hazy and he’ll have to consult the Librarian.

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