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Some Old Bat Grips or a Missing Masterpiece?

Regular readers will know that the Squire likes to entertain young artists who he regards as promising.  They are invited to the Great House for a long weekend of conversation, cricket and creativity.

Most leave behind a work or two by way of thanks.  As the centuries pass it does become difficult to remember these visits and the works left behind.

Only in July, Third Man found that an old sight board  , that had been used back in the ‘Fifties and which was stored in the old stables, was in fact an early work by Robert Ryman.

At one time the Squire employed, on work experience, a young student of Art History, down from St Andrews University for the summer, to begin the considerable task of identifying and cataloguing some of these waifs and strays, but she was soon whisked away by a special guest determined to exercise His droit du seigneur.

Since when the job has fallen onto the aging shoulders of the Squire’s willing factotum, Third Man.

Which is why TM begs your help in identifying the creator of the work published above – entitled ‘Pink’ – which clearly was part of a series as there is another entitled ‘Red’.


There is a Warholian feel to them and indeed the Guest Book lists a Mr A. Warhola in June 1950 with the signature below.

The second quest is surely more of a puzzle.  

The only clue is a description or title painted on the reverse of the canvas in what appears to be boot whitener: Can You Help Find the Ball Mummy.  

Looks vaguely familiar.

Any ideas?


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