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Highway 311 Revisited

The Squire seems to be enjoying his stay in the Dubai emirate, if not the cricket. 

Although he has ‘invested’ in a small island in the World, approximating to the South Downs, he shuns the new and frankly vulgar accommodation, preferring the traditional bedouin tent presented to him in the 1830s by Maktoum bin Butti.

 “Mak was a man after my own heart, TM.”

On those early trips, the Squire would take Third Man out pearl fishing, tie a rope round him, load him up with stones and push him in.  That’s how the famous Hambledon Pearl was found.

Despite the obvious changes, the Squire is clearly at home here.

“It reminds me so much of the old country three hundred years ago, Third Man: the Fancy, the racing, the excess, the carriages, the speed, the daring-do, the inequality, the system of government, the invention of pleasures, the addiction to risk.  All without the bother of time-travel sickness.”

The other day, when the cricket was too desperate to watch, he kindly took TM shopping to buy a pair of sandals.  Then, with a few fellow ‘bucks’, they set out on the E311 in a borrowed Merc..


There was nothing technically nor culturally to prevent England winning the third Test match against Pakistan in Dubai.

“A lighter bat and a fresh guard,” recommended the Squire.  “And a spot of sandal surfing for anyone giving up his wicket.”

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