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Finn MacCool

James Macpherson was deceptively quick.  He played for the Squire at World’s End a number of times in the 1760s.  Third Man came to like this mild mannered poet for his fine imaginative play which helped him deceive many a batsmen.  TM can confirm that James was a time traveller. 

He is most famous for his efforts to champion the cause heroics of Finn MacCool, identified by Macpherson as the hewer of the Giant’s Causeway – an early calculating device developed for gamblers needing to determine who should win in the event of riot and pitched battle preventing the completion of a match.

Macpherson’s mistake was not to come clean about his ability to travel through time but instead to invent as a cover for his findings a Celtic poet, Ossian (seen above Awakening the Spirits on the Banks of the Lora with the Sound of his Harp).

It never pays to lie.

As an evening wore on in the Hutt and the punch bowls came and went, Macpherson would often regale the assembled players and members of the Club with tales of a giant named Finn, who travelled through the air to the other side of the world where he wreaked havoc among a tribe of fearsome convicts who for many years had held the swains and yeomen of their Old Mother beneath their yoke.

He even presented the Club with what he said was a fine likeness in watercolour of the Hero which Third Man has kept all these years.

They were good stories but no one ever believed them.  Most had been forgotten by morning.  Only Third Man had seen the twinkle in the poet’s eye and the wink directed at a fellow adventurer through time and space.

On the matter of the Test in hand: there is a lot to be positive about.  There is little to fear in the Australian bowling.  England’s bowling is just about superior and more Australian batsmen have questions to answer than English ones.   A Cardiff escape is essential.   England need to be 300 for 4 or better this time tomorrow.

Third Man recommends some stirring Harp music for their M3 players overnight.

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