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Spa Therapy

The Squire spent a long weekend at The Priory.  Not that Priory!  The Bath Priory.  Third Man of course was billeted down the road in an old muse where the Type III could be kept out of the way of any Trick or Treaters.

The Bath Priory is owned by (is it now the former?) Chairman of Bath Rugby – the gifted gift card entrepreneur, the Forever Friend  the delightfully named, Andrew Brownsword.

In one of the many ‘lounges’ that lure the visitor into their comfort zones; its mellow-yellow light coddling the guest; the paintings have a not unexpected sporting theme.

Tucked away among the larger canvases of Edwardian ladies sporting their backhand smashes is this small and unsigned cricketing scene painted from the viewpoint of the batsman and rendering palpable the menace of the bowler and the taut readiness of the non-striking batsman.

Apologies to Mr Brownsword if this infringes some copyright, but today the sporting world and in particular cricket needs the therapy that such a painting temporarily affords.


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