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It is a red letter day, with a brand new extra large 90p first class stamp stuck on the top right hand corner


The first House Martin showed up this afternoon, bang on schedule after a 6,000 mile flight,  to take possession of their part of the cottage Third Man shares with these loyal friends.

A quick look at the remnants of last year’s nest and off down to the river for some fresh mud.

The cricket season can now begin in earnest.

Secondly, back-a-long, Third Man mislaid his mother’s favourite cricketing picture; a young scamp in an oversized hat with a bat too large for him taking guard with just a hint of trepidation as he eyes silly mid on waiting to pounce.

TM has looked high and low for any reference to this picture. 

No Bubbles advertisement this. 

What was it?

And failing that, where could a replacement be found?

And there it was, lurking on some site devoted to UNcool Britannia along with a crude etching of Francis Hayman’s Cricket at Mary le Bone Fields.


Thirdly, it would seem that the artist, E.P Kinsella, produced a series of six in total, all circa 1902, and sold them as postcards.

So, here’s another, particularly well suited to Third Man. 

The apprehension on the poor fellow’s face , though craftily concealed from the bowler, was obviously well founded.

The shock of it!

And soon the sense of humiliation.

What are the odds on TM now finding the original, illusive portrait under a pile of the Squire’s blueprints and technical drawings?

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