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England Take Eyes Off Ball to Keep Ashes

Third Man has been supplied with documentary evidence that the England Cricket camp are indeed using a leading sports psychologist specialising in Neuroplasticity to drive their bid to retain the Ashes this winter.

With the aid of secret recording equipment viewers can now eaves drop (below) on advice being given to England captain Andrew Strauss by one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of illusion in sport, Doctor Gaynor Gain – a win, win consultant in the field of cortical-remapping.

The race is on for international cricketers and other ball striking sportspersons to improve their reaction times by at least a one fifth of a second or 150 milliseconds by using the power of illusion to cheat time. 

For those new to the use of ‘Magical Realism’ in sport, Third Man has previously published a series starting here.

Watch, listen and be amazed:

Third Man hopes that further video insights will be forthcoming as the tour continues.

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